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Metro Tows Away Last Diesel from Clean Fleet

By Lauren Mattia
Published: Wednesday, January 12, 2011, at 12:50PM
Diesel Tow Eric Richardson [Flickr]

L.A.'s last remaining diesel bus was towed from Metro’s Support Services Center on Wednesday morning.

Officials from Metro could not have planned a better day to celebrate the retirement of Los Angeles' last diesel bus. With the snow covered Sierras clearly visible in the east, Metro's CEO Art Leahy said "just look at our sky. I think that really helps to tell the story."

As of this morning, L.A. is one of the world's first major metropolitan areas whose buses run entirely on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which according to Leahy, "avoids 300,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each and every day."

Major Antonio Villaraigosa was present at the conference reminisced to a time when "the air was so bad that you had to stay indoors--that you couldn't play out in the playground. Those days are behind us."

The conference was ended with a ceremonious towing of L.A.'s final diesel bus.

So what will the future bring for Metro after CNG? Leahy told blogdowntown that he expects new technologies to be brought up during discussion of a multi-year purchase item at February's board of directors meeting. "I think this is a never ending process," Leahy stated. "But it's important to do because we have to confront the need for a sustainable future."


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