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Food Trucks Near FIDM Serve Up Controversy

By Lauren Mattia
Published: Friday, January 14, 2011, at 02:11PM
Lauren Mattia

Students and local office employees take their pick from one of several food trucks parked on Hope street near FIDM on Friday.

It's TGIF for hungry FIDM students and office workers, who flock to 9th and Hope to sample the affordable fare available from one of several food trucks for what local employees have coined "Food Truck Fridays."

While patrons see the influx of food trucks as a largely positive addition to the lack of dining options in the area, employees from nearby lunch spots like Simply Salad and Quizno's feel that the food truck employees are competing on an uneven playing field. "They will have some of their associates pull their cars around two hours before the lunch rush to secure a spot," a local lunch spot staffer said. "It's kind of getting out of control."

"They pick this block because of the lack of restaurants in the area," one staffer said. Although FIDM is bustling with activity, there are few affordable dining options near the campus.

Some restaurant staffers take a different spin on the competition. "In the end, they bring people to this corner that wouldn't normally be here," a source said. "I know some business owners who call the cops on them [food truck vendors] every day," he said. "but we are comfortable enough in our own skin, so we don't need to do that."

All over Los Angeles, food trucks have received a lot of criticism for their disregard of parking laws. "L.A. doesn't really have rules that regulate this kind of thing," another employee stated.

For large events like Art Walk, food trucks have their own designated parking zones, which frees up spots on the street. But the trucks near FIDM are a different story. "They park here knowing they are going to get a ticket," an employee said, "but for them, that is their rent."

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