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Will New Dining Hot Spot Mas Malo Blast Through the Noise?

By Lauren Mattia
Published: Friday, January 21, 2011, at 01:14PM
Mas Malo Lauren Mattia

Is Mas Malo just too loud to enjoy? According to L.A. Times restaurant critic S. Irene Virbila, the answer is yes.

Our server has to bend low to hear and be heard. Poor guy: He must be hoarse by the end of the night because this, I am quite sure, is the loudest restaurant in L.A. "It's the tequila," my guest volunteers. "When people drink tequila, they get loud." Oh, maybe that's why that table of six all had their phones out: They were texting one another across the table.

Last week, Mas Malo's nighttime boisterousness inspired us to post a story asking "How Loud is Too Loud When Dining Out??" We found that, for some, the noise level is just as important as the food.

In her short review, Virbila notes "the gorgeousness" of the Mas Malo space and the "affordable and familiar" menu, but focused most on the volume, which she says "huts down your senses, making it hard to enjoy the food."

One recent blogdowntown lunch visit revealed no noise issues, while a Friday night trip brought noise levels near 90 decibels according to our unscientific measurements.

But since weekend dining accounts for a large part of Mas Malo's potential success, could this restaurant's ruckus lead to its downfall?


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