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Around the Halls: Parking Money, Unpermitted Filming and Bicycles

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, February 06, 2011, at 10:15PM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Parking revenues, punishments for unpermitted filming and a master plan for bicycles are among the items on City Hall agendas this week.

MONDAY: Only the Budget & Finance committee meets.

While city parking revenue is up 43% since FY08, most of that new money has gone to balancing the city budget rather than back into the streets. $119 million has been transfered to the city's general fund as surplus in the last two years. CF 10-0596 is a five-year plan designed to make sure there's a budget in place to pay for parking upgrades.

TUESDAY: Council meets, as do three committees.

Property owners would become liable for unpermitted filming under CF 10-1788, which is at Jobs and Business committee.

The Downtown Industrial BID filed its annual planning report in December, and it comes before Jobs and Business as CF 09-0127. The BID, run by the Central City East Assocation, has a budget of just under $1.9 million.

The owner of a small market on Skid Row is appealing rules that would prevent the sale of single alcohol containers and containers under 750ml. The appeal by Ken's Market at 1123 E. 7th goes to Planning and Land Use Management as CF 10-1953.

If the troubled City of Vernon ceases to be, the City of Los Angeles is ready to jump in and claim its valuable industrial land. That's the message of CF 10-1686, a report by the Chief Legislative Analyst that will be presented at Planning and Land Use Management.

WEDNESDAY: Council meets, as do two committees.

At Council, CF 11-0065 is a motion to use $250,000 for storm drain improvements at 12th and Crocker and to find that the project doesn't need environmental study.

With the state budget still uncertain, the CRA's plan to transfer $930 million to the city again comes up at CF 11-0086.

A motion to create an "Ad Hoc Committee on the Downtown Stadium" goes to Council as CF 11-0186. This would be a Council committee, different from the working group of city departments that was previously approved and from the Mayor's Blue Ribbon committee.

Bicycles are the topic of a joint meeting of the Transportation committee and the Planning and Land Use Management committee. CF 10-2385, CF 10-2385-S1 and CF 10-2385-S2 deal with implementation of the city's Bicycle Master Plan update.


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