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Census Numbers Show Downtown Population Over 50K

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, March 09, 2011, at 04:23PM
Census Map blogdowntown

Downtown Los Angeles added more than 15,000 residents over the last ten years according to numbers released by the US Census Bureau on Tuesday.

Population in the main tracts that define Downtown grew from 35,884 in 2000 to 51,329 in 2010 (See update below for caveats and explanation).

Adding in Chinatown, the Downtown area is now home to 59,006.

The highest growth came in the Historic Core, which added more than 4,500 residents in the area bounded by 2nd, 9th, Hill and Los Angeles. The blocks are now home to 8,312.

South Park added more than 2,100 residents, while City West added 1,300.

Tuesday's release was the first in a series of datasets to come from the 2010 Census.

Explore the growth by census tract using this interactive map:

Update (3/13 3pm): Updated map to use 2010 tracts and a 2000 population computed from 2000 census blocks. For more information, see the blogdowntown Census Maps page.

Update (Wed 11:30pm): Finally found the line data for the 2010 tracts and I do need to correct my numbers slightly. 2060.32 is east of the L.A. River, so that's 5,275 people who shouldn't count toward Downtown (and the same for 2060.50 and its 2,146 people). If you take them out, though, you also need to account for how to remove them from the 2000 data, which isn't broken down at the river. You also would need to add in some spots in Chinatown and Pico Union that aren't counted.

Census tract 2060.31 now covers the entire Arts District / Industrial District east of Alameda between the 101 and the 10. That's 2,957 residents.

Conclusion? The 15,000 new residents number is still roughly accurate, but that 51,000 number is a little inexact (though it's still roughly correct).


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