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Off Broadway LA "Previews" this Thursday

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2011, at 02:19PM
Off Broadway LA Off Broadway LA

Inaugural logo for Off Broadway LA, a new program to highlight Downtown's performing arts each third Thursday of the month.

Off Broadway LA, a new monthly cultural event from Jay Lopez and Edgar Varela, will quietly open this week, as a vehicle to showcase Downtown’s staged plays, performance arts, operas, and film.

Starting this Thursday, March 17, the event is scheduled to take place every third Thursday of the month––one week after the Downtown Art Walk.

“This is a soft launch,” says Lopez, who hopes to see 1,000 attendees for month one.

March programming includes opening night for Spanish language play “LA Quinta Pared” and the one-night preview for “bonded” at the LATC; “LA Times Bomb 4th Edition”, a night of spoken theater and music at Edgar Varela Fine Art; “Geoffrey Farmer: Let's Make the Water Turn Black” at REDCAT; and a live morning screening of Britain’s National Theatre production of “Frankenstein” at the Downtown Independent.

Lopez says that partnerships with other locations will come in future months.

The seeds of the project were planted during Lopez’s brief tenure as Art Walk Executive Director, as he sought a way to include performing arts under the Art Walk umbrella. After an aborted attempt to drastically change Art Walk and move away from the party atmosphere, Lopez and the event parted ways in September. In January, he joined with Varela to open Art Weekend LA, a quarterly event focused on Downtown's fine art.

The two events will operate independently. “Art Weekend LA is a gallery-driven event,” says Lopez. “Off Broadway LA is a separate event focused on re-energizing Broadway and the surrounding growing performing arts and theater communities in [Downtown] Los Angeles.”

“This programming supplements programs like Bringing Back Broadway." Lopez adds.

Ongoing information and maps can be found at the event’s website.


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