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Around the Halls: Cutting the Deficit, CRA Transfers, and Tourism Marketing

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, March 21, 2011, at 10:05AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

The city's looming deficits will weigh heavily on meetings this week, while CRA transfers and the creation of a tourism marketing district also find agenda spots.

MONDAY: Budget and Finance committee meets twice, first in a morning session at City Hall and then in the evening at the West L.A. Municipal Building.

Eliminating the 2010-2011 deficit is the focus of the morning meeting. CF 10-0600-S57 is a report from the City Controller on funding restrictions relating to money borrowed from the reserve fund, CF 10-0600-S56 is a memo from the Mayor outlining spending controls, and CF 10-0600-S61 is a pair of reports from the CAO's office on options to cut the deficit going forward.

The evening session is focused on presentations of the current budget situation, the upcoming fiscal year and taking public comments.

TUESDAY: Council meets, as do three committees.

Renewal of the Little Tokyo Business Improvement District goes to Council as CF 10-1958 for a first consideration.

$1 million in gap financing for SRO Housing Corp's Gateway Apartments is at Council as CF 11-0345.

The CRA wants to apply for $250,000 from Caltrans for pedestrian improvements on Bunker Hill, funds that would go toward connecting the forthcoming Regional Connector station and the Broad museum. The application approval goes to Council as CF 11-0418.

The city will take possession of land and partial ownership of structures across Downtown under the terms of CF 11-0086-S1, which is at Council. The parcels were owned by the CRA.

The CRA's computers and furniture are to be transferred to the City for $1 under CF 11-0435, also at Council.

The Los Angeles Tourism Marketing District is a proposed citywide BID that would encompass all hotels and motels with more than 50 rooms. Under the proposal that goes to Jobs & Business committee as CF 11-0378, the district would raise $11.5 million annually for marketing and sales support, funds that would be spent by LA Inc.

The Historic Downtown BID will add four properties, including the PE Lofts at 6th and Main, under CF 10-1083. The changes will eliminate gaps between the Historic Downtown and Fashion District BIDs.

WEDNESDAY: Council returns, as do four committees.

Now that the 2010 Census data has been released, the City Council wants to know what its next steps are. CF 11-0187 is at Rules & Elections committee, and asks the CLA to report on the start of the redistricting process.


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