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Around the Halls: Library Park Maintenance, Angels Flight and Farmers Field

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, July 25, 2011, at 07:10AM
Angels Flight Eric Richardson

The city wants to hear from the California Public Utilities Commission about Angels Flight, which was shut down from June 10 to July 5.

Today is Monday, July 25, and this week the maintenance of the Central Library grounds gets a new contract, the City asks for a report on Angels Flight safety and Farmers Field comes to City Council.

MONDAY: Public Safety and Budget and Finance committees meet.

Red light cameras are again up for discussion at Budget and Finance, which considers CF 11-1015. The topic is also the only issue on the agenda for Tuesday's Audits and Governmental Efficiency committee. That body also hears CF 11-1117-S1 and CF 10-1502.

TUESDAY: Council meets, as do four committees.

Maintenance of the grounds around the Central Library is the topic of CF 11-1199, which goes to Arts, Parks, Health and Aging. The city pays developer Maguire Properties just over $20,000 a month to keep up the space, and needs to renew a contract that expired last October.

Is the non-profit that owns Angels Flight running it properly? That's the question behind CF 10-1092-S1, a Perry / Huizar motion asking the California Public Utilities Commission to provide a report on the funicular's maintenance and safety issues. The motion was filed during the line's recent shutdown for unexpected wheel replacement.

WEDNESDAY: Council returns, as do four committees.

At an evening meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Proposed Downtown Stadium and Event Center, the CAO will present a verbal report on the deal negotiated with AEG for Farmers Field. The terms of that deal are expected to be released on Monday.

Wednesday's meeting will take place at City Hall in the Board of Public Works hearing room at 5:30pm.

THURSDAY: The stadium committee takes its show to the Van Nuys City Hall, meeting at 5:30pm.

FRIDAY: City Council will dedicate its entire Friday session to discussion of the AEG deal. Don't expect a vote to take place, but do expect a hefty turnout by labor groups.


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