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Video Shows Suicide Leap Averted at 7th and Main

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, July 30, 2011, at 09:27AM
Video Still Still from video by chiaphotgraphy

LAPD officers saved a man who was distraught over a breakup and intent on jumping from the roof of the SB Main at 110 W. 7th Street on Thursday evening, and a video shot by a neighbor shows the rescue taking place.

"The most amazing thing about this is the officers' commitment to saving this man in the face of danger to their own lives," said Lt. Paul Vernon, in charge of detectives for Downtown. "What you don't see is the man actually biting the arm of Officer Rick Linton, who in spite of the pain and the insult, continues to hold on to the man."

Officers were able to handcuff the man to a grate on the edge of the building, securing him until firefighters were able to cut away the metal and safely remove him.

The man was taken for a 72-hour psychiatric hold, but was not arrested.

Thankfully, there were no reports of spectators below encouraging the man to jump.

Video by chiaphotgraphy


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