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Around the Halls: Dog Licenses, Bunker Hill, Animal Sales, Art Walk and the Stadium Deal

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 01, 2011, at 07:03AM
1960 View of Bunker Hill Plan Los Angeles Examiner / USC Digital Archives []

This 1960 illustration shows plans for the Bunker Hill Redevelopment area, which expires on January 1, 2012.

Preparation for the end of Bunker Hill's redevelopment plan, a ban on animal purchases, Art Walk issues and the stadium are on the agendas at City Hall this week.

MONDAY: Only Public Safety committee meets.

The meeting is focused on animal services issues, including the possibility of a door-to-door dog license survey that would be conducted by volunteers. That item comes to committee as CF 11-0600-S06.

TUESDAY: Council and two committees are in session.

Newsstands attached to the wall of a building would be allowed to sell sundries and greeting cards under CF 10-0096-S1. The rules, intended to bolster business in the face of digital publications, would not apply to Downtown's freestanding newsstands, which already illegally sell plenty of non-publication items.

The Bunker Hill Redevelopment Plan expires on January 1, 2012, and CF 11-1245 presents the Planning and Land Use Management committee with a Specific Plan that replaces its major guidelines. Implementation would put the Planning Department in charge of things like floor area transfers and acceptable uses.

WEDNESDAY: Council returns, as do three committees.

At Housing, Community and Economic Development, a pair of Downtown developments are seeking hearings on multifamily housing bonds. In CF 11-1262, the Rosslyn Lofts is requesting to add five more years to its $28.5 million in bonds. In CF 11-1190, the Chinatown Metro Apartments project at 808 N. Spring is asking that $26.25 million in bonds approved for it be issued.

The future of L.A.'s Community Redevelopment Agency will be up for discussion at Housing, Community and Economic Development under CF 11-0763. If the city elects to keep the agency running, it owes big payments to the state under the terms of Governor Jerry Brown's budget measures.

An ordinance banning the purchase of animals on the streets or sidewalks of Los Angeles finally comes to Council under CF 09-0632. The law is aimed at curbing illegal sales around Santee Alley, and began its journey through the city government approximately 18 months ago.

The Huizar-Perry motion calling for quick suggestions for the Art Walk goes to Council. It calls for a task force to be convened that would make its first report back before the August 11 event.

$3.8 million in federal and Metro funds to repair Broadway sidewalks between 2nd and 4th is at risk if the city doesn't start construction immediately. CF 11-1292, at Public Works committee, asks Bureau of Engineering to begin design work.

The Ad Hoc Committee on the Proposed Downtown Stadium and Events Center will hold what could be its last meeting at 5pm in the City Council chambers.


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