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Around the Halls: Salvage Bar, Neighborhood Council Operations, Bus Benches and the LATC

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 15, 2011, at 07:24AM
The LATC The Los Angeles Theatre Center [Flickr]

Two council committees will get an update this week on the two-year-long lawsuit between the Latino Museum and the Latino Theatre Center over control of the LATC.

Today is Monday, August 15, and alcohol sales for Salvage Bar, the operation of neighborhood councils, a contract for bus benches and the lawsuit over control of the LATC are among the items at City Hall this week.

MONDAY: Only Budget & Finance committee meets.

Several items focus on the city's liability claims. The report for one item, CF 11-0600-S136 notes that LAPD's liability claims for 2009-2010 were almost $90 million, more than half of which went to workman's compensation.

TUESDAY: City Council meets, as does a joint session of the Information Technology and Government Affairs committee and the Budget and Finance committee.

Now that a property-owner lawsuit challenging its votes is resolved, the Arts District BID renewal continues to move through City Council. CF 11-0827 is up for a protest hearing on Tuesday and a final tabulation on Wednesday.

Council will hold a determination hearing for the "Public Convenience or Necessity" of Salvage Bar's alcohol sales as CF 11-1355. The bar is currently under construction on the ground floor of the Roosevelt Lofts.

A quartet of items related to the operation and finances of neighborhood councils goes to Council as CF 11-1017, CF 11-1018, CF 11-1019 and CF 11-1020.

A new contract for bus benches—and the advertising that goes on them—is the topic of CF 11-1068. Council wants to approve a contract with Martin Outdoor Media, but to also require at least 300 benches per council district and the ability to have a say in where those benches are placed.

A nearly two-year-long lawsuit between the Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture and the Latino Theatre Company has been nasty and hard-fought. A joint session of the Information Technology and Government Affairs committee and the Budget and Finance committee will hear a report on settlement discussions even as legal wrangling continued. At a hearing on Monday, the court will hear a motion by the Museum to amend its original complaint a third time and a motion by a law firm for the Theatre Company to be relieved from the case.

WEDNESDAY: Housing, Community and Economic Development committee meets, as does the Personnel committee. Council has not yet filed an agenda.

LADOT is working to hire part-time traffic officers to handle parking enforcement, and CF 11-0600-S88 provides an update on that process. A July report said that the department planned to deploy the officers this past weekend after the completion of a two-week training program. The officers would be used for weekend enforcement.


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