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A Trashy Conundrum on Harlem Alley

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, August 16, 2011, at 07:52AM
Harlem Alley Trash Stuart Patterson

A sequence of photos showing illegal dumping in Harlem Alley near 7th Street between Spring and Main.

What do you do when your alley turns into a dumping ground?

A dumpster behind Spring Street's MALDEF building has become a magnet for trash in recent months, and Stuart Patterson of design firm Colorola is running out of ideas for how to get someone to do something about it.

Patterson looks down on the dumpster from SB Main and just wants to see the garbage pile gone.

On Friday, the Historic Downtown BID came by to clean up the trash, but it was back by Monday morning.

In Los Angeles, the city's sanitation department only handles trash pickup for single-family homes. Commercial buildings and larger structures are responsible for contracting their own trash pickup.

It isn't the pickup itself that is the problem here, though. The dumpster gets emptied properly, but its storage spot on Harlem Alley seems to make it especially attractive to those who think they can drop off their waste and have someone else come pick it up.

Patterson says he has made calls to several city agencies but gotten no answers to keeping the dumping away.

On another note, Patterson's view also includes the two parking lots on 6th and Main. He sends in a view of what the asphalt might turn into in a perfect world, and we've included it below.


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