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California's NFL Cities Not Fans of AEG's Stadium Plans

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, September 08, 2011, at 09:17AM
State Assembly Vote blogdowntown

Assembly districts colored red represent the 13 votes cast against SB 292 on Wednesday in the California State Assembly. Lightly colored districts represent an absence or abstention. All other districts voted yes on the bill.

The bill to fast-track AEG's $1.2-billion plans for Farmers Field easily passed the State Assembly on Wednesday, with 63 votes in favor and only 13 members in opposition.

Break the votes down geographically and you'll find an interesting, albeit obvious, pattern: areas with existing NFL plans don't like the chance that AEG could steal their team.

No votes in the Bay Area and San Diego are due to fears that AEG's stadium project might lure one of California's existing NFL teams to Los Angeles. All three California NFL teams have pursued new stadiums.

And that opposition in the Inland Empire? It would seem those legislators are still fans of Majestic Realty's L.A. Stadium project.


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