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Weekend Filming Forecast: Prime Suspect, Windsor Square, Niger Delta

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, November 11, 2011, at 10:09AM
Downtown Filming Map for November 11-14 Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

Filming activity in Downtown L.A. from November 11 - 14 includes shoots for "Prime Suspect," "Windsor Square," and the feature "Niger Delta."

The weekend will be another full one of filming for Downtown, with heavy activity in the Historic Core and shoots making use of the 4th and 6th Street bridges, the 2nd Street Tunnel and the 4th Street flyover.

HISTORIC CORE: Seven shoots take place in the Historic Core between Friday and Sunday.

Commercial producer MJZ will have a full closure of 4th Street between Spring and Main on Saturday and/or Sunday (depending on rain conditions). Filming for "Crstal Lite" will go from 6am to 6pm.

Around the corner, Open 4 Business Productions shoots scenes for "Prime Suspect" all day Friday at 416 S. Spring. Shooting goes until 4am.

On the same block, ABC Studios preps at 433 S. Spring to film scenes for "Windsor Square" on the 15th. Parking restrictions start on Sunday.

On Friday, "Windsor Square" shoots at the Hotel Cecil (640 S. Main), with scenes that include a stunt man falling 20 feet off a platform and onto a fruit stand. Filming goes all night, ending at 7am.

Radical Media puts a balloon light and a food truck in Werdin Place alley (between Spring and Main) north of 6th Street on Monday to shoot a "Jack in the Box" ad. Filming runs 4pm to 6am. A few blocks away at 826 S. Broadway, filming will run from 6pm to 6am on the same night.

6th Street Bridge: MJZ's "Crstal Lite" shoot will have a full closure of the bridge on Saturday (and/or Sunday / Monday, depending on rain) from 6am to 6pm.

4th Street Bridge: Intermittent stoppages on the bridge Sunday as Tyler Gourley Photo shoots for "Allstate". 7am to 7pm.

2nd Street Tunnel: Full closure of the tunnel on Sunday as Wells & Jeta Entertainment shoot for the feature "Niger Delta". Shots include a simulated hostage scene with snipers and 100 extras.

4th Street Flyover: Intermittent closures on 4th between the 110 and Grand as John Konkal shoots "SRT".


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