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Union and Occupy LA March Through Financial District Ends with 23 Arrests

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, November 17, 2011, at 07:49AM
Good Jobs LA March - November 17 Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

LAPD officers prepare to arrest protesters remaining in the street at the end of the Good Jobs LA march on November 17 in Downtown L.A.

Several hundred protesters from labor unions and Occupy LA are taking a short march through Downtown's Financial District this morning in a move that's sure to be unpopular with those who commute into the central city.

Police say that 23 arrests were made, most of them coming as part of a union-negotiated action in which 20 protesters stayed on the street in a circle after LAPD officers declared an illegal assembly and gave the order to disperse.

Early copy: The march is staging at Bank of America plaza, at 3rd and Hope. From there, marchers will head south on Hope, take a right on Grand, a right on 5th and a right on Figueroa. They will end up at the intersection of 4th and Figueroa.

Organizer Good Jobs LA says that the march is targeting the 4th Street overpass because the span is structurally deficient and people should be put to work rebuilding it.

Live updates from the morning are below the video of the arrests.

Video of Arrests

ยป Live Updates — Last: November 17, 2011

  • 09:59AM Arrests are complete. Still a good crowd on the sidewalks. LAPD packing up. (ERIC)
  • 09:17AM LAPD issues unlawful assembly notice. Warns those remaining to disperse or face arrest. (ERIC)
  • 09:14AM Here goes. Organizers asking supporters to move off the street for arrests to get underway. (ERIC)
  • 09:08AM LAPD still waiting to move in and make negotiated arrests. Going over details with march organizers. (ERIC)
  • 08:57AM Several hundred line the sidewalks as the arrestees do interviews before LAPD moves in. (ERIC)
  • 08:51AM Looks like 16 people will stay in the street for the arrests. (ERIC)
  • 08:48AM Union marchers organized how these arrests would happen. Those not looking to be arrested moving off street. (ERIC)
  • 08:47AM LAPD moving in with paddy wagon. (ERIC)
  • 08:35AM I would estimate roughly 400 marched, many from local SEIU. (ERIC)
  • 08:33AM Two angry Occupy LA protesters under arrest. (ERIC)
  • 08:31AM March has reached the 4th St. overpass. (ERIC)
  • 08:04AM Have to hand it to the marchers carrying assembled tents. Haven't seen that one before. (ERIC)
  • 07:54AM Marchers appear to be getting moving. The sound of news helicopters continues to echo through the streets of Downtown. (ERIC)
  • 07:51AM Checking to make sure our twitter updater is working for this morning's march story. Marchers still at BoA plaza. (ERIC)


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