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Occupy Marchers Take to the Streets of Downtown L.A. for a Second Time

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, November 17, 2011, at 02:01PM
Occupy LA March - November 17 Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

Police form a line to keep protesters from Occupy LA on the sidewalk.

There were three arrests this afternoon as marchers from Occupy L.A. returned to Downtown streets that were shut down for much of the morning by an earlier march.

That Good Jobs LA march resulted in 23 arrests, 21 of them scripted by union organizers. This afternoon's march lacked an LAPD permit, and police quickly made their presence felt.

As the march reached Grand Central Market on Broadway, LAPD officers formed walls on both ends of the block. There were several tense moments as officers moved in and bottled protesters up on the sidewalk.

Three arrests were made before tensions eased and protesters moved on to their next location.

"I don't see things things escalating here," said marcher Rich Slaton. "Most of the violence has been due to individual elements that have infiltrated their way into a peaceful movement. Anybody who's actually out here for Occupy isn't out here to be violent. They're out here to have a message heard, to contribute to a conversation."

Commander Andrew Smith of LAPD said that unlike the morning march, this afternoon protest did not follow the proper protocol.

"When you're not permitted, you need to stay on the sidewalk and you need to obey all laws," Smith said.

"We'll continue to monitor the protest, just like we always do. In case somebody decides to break the law again, we'll provide them the opportunity to go to jail."

Many marchers moved on to Bank of America Plaza after the Broadway confrontation.


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