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Occupy LA: Deadline Night Ends With No Eviction at City Hall

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, November 27, 2011, at 11:12PM
Occupy LA - Deadline Night at City Hall Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

LAPD officers line 1st Street in the pre-dawn hours on Monday after moving in after pushing Occupy LA protesters back on to the sidewalks.

A peaceful standoff between police and members of the Occupy LA movement lasted through the night outside City Hall. LAPD cleared the streets around the building at 6am, just as Monday morning commuter traffic was getting underway, but as of this morning has not acted to evict protesters from City Hall's south lawn.

Occupiers took to the streets before midnight, forcing LAPD to shut down 1st, Spring and Main around City Hall. LAPD moved in after midnight to create lines around 1st and Spring, but stayed put for hours in hopes that protesters would leave the streets on their own.

Just before 3:30am, LAPD Commander Andrew Smith walked through the groups of gathered protesters advising them that the department intended to start clearing the streets at 4am.

Police moved in nearer to 5am, declaring an unlawful assembly and creating a wall to push protesters back onto the sidewalk.

That standoff lasted roughly an hour, after which LAPD units were slowly withdrawn from the lines. There were four arrests made during a brief skirmish in which items were thrown from the sidewalk at officers.

While he would not give any timeline for clearing the City Hall park, LAPD Commander Andy Smith reiterated Monday morning that the department does intend to clear the space that the Occupy LA movement has held since October 1. He said it was unlikely that such an action would come on Monday morning.

ALSO: We've posted video of scenes from the night.

ยป Live Updates — Last: November 28, 2011

  • 06:14AM Assuming nothing new happens, there were four arrests for failure to disperse. (ERIC)
  • 06:10AM 1st street has been reopened. Protesters continue to crowd the sidewalk, but LAPD has moved out. (ERIC)
  • 05:56AM LAPD is working on making a very slow withdrawal and hoping protesters stay on the sidewalks. Streets are still closed right now. (ERIC)
  • 05:26AM Still not clear how LAPD is going to get the streets open. Officers still fully deployed keeping protesters on the sidewalk at 1st. (ERIC)
  • 05:16AM Objects thrown at LAPD officers. Three protesters arrested. (ERIC)
  • 05:11AM Police are just trying to get folks off the streets, not to take any action on the park itself. (ERIC)
  • 05:10AM Don't believe any arrests were made in this first LAPD rush. Hundreds of officers holding Occupiers inside the park. (ERIC)
  • 04:55AM LAPD moved in. Unlawful assembly declared. Protesters retreated to the park. Line of cops around park. (ERIC)
  • 04:30AM 4:30 and we're still waiting. Several hundred LAPD riot cops one block away. More people in the streets now. (ERIC)
  • 04:13AM LAPD units massing on Main south of 2nd. Still several dozen people in the streets. (ERIC)
  • 04:01AM Dozens of protesters still in the street at 4am. Don't believe unlawful assembly order has been given yet. (ERIC)
  • 03:25AM LAPD will start making arrests if Occupiers are not off the street by 4am. (ERIC)
  • 03:22AM Still no movement. LAPD command officers huddling. (ERIC)
  • 02:37AM Cmdr. Andy Smith says no arrests that he knows of, and that LAPD won't give timeline for clearing streets or park. (ERIC)
  • 02:20AM Discussion among protesters about whether to try and force LAPD's hand by staying in the street and forcing arrests tonight. (ERIC)
  • 02:16AM Not much changing out here. LAPD on 1st and Spring, but lots of people still in the streets there and at 1st and Main. (ERIC)
  • 01:41AM Occupiers joining arms to encircle the park. Spreading out along 1st street. (ERIC)
  • 01:14AM Quiet on the north side of city hall. Handful of people sitting in the crosswalk. LAPD units north of Temple, which remains open. (ERIC)
  • 01:06AM LAPD isn't attempting to make much movement, just holding a line in place and waiting. (ERIC)
  • 12:58AM Feels like protesters run to where the LAPD officers are. Now biggest crowd is on Spring south of 1st. (ERIC)
  • 12:41AM LAPD starting to move folks back from 1st and Broadway toward City Hall slowly and deliberately. (ERIC)
  • 12:39AM LAPD has started to form walls a block out from City Hall, seemingly with the intent of keeping people in place. (ERIC)
  • 12:22AM A bunch of LAPD units just came up Main but took a right on 1st Street. Still hear a siren off somewhere nearby. (ERIC)
  • 12:04AM Midnight...and nothing happened. Sorry if you were expecting LAPD to immediately sweep across and turn Occupy into a pumpkin. (ERIC)
  • 11:51PM Several hundred people now in the street around 1st and Spring chanting "whose streets? Our streets!" (ERIC)
  • 11:43PM There is definitely a small percentage of tents coming down and open space appearing, but not a lot. (ERIC)
  • 11:42PM Should have said 1st and Main a few minutes ago in regard to the chants. Oops. (ERIC)
  • 11:36PM First visit by an LAPD chopper with night sun spotlight. (ERIC)
  • 11:32PM 1st and Spring is the center of where the organized chants are taking place. (ERIC)
  • 11:31PM A part of the crowd on south lawn has shifted toward the sidewalks, though there are still plenty of people throughout. (ERIC)


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