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Occupy LA: Camp Shut Down in All-Night LAPD Action

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, November 29, 2011, at 10:21PM
Occupy LA - November 29, 2011 Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

LAPD officers in hazmat suits sort through trash and belongings left behind by the Occupy LA encampment.

Approximately 1400 police officers descended on Occupy LA's encampment outside Los Angeles' City Hall on Tuesday night, ordering those inside to leave before starting an enforcement action that resulted in 292 arrests.

Officers swarmed the lawns and surrounding streets soon after midnight, with dozens of them emerging from City Hall itself. Once the camp was surrounded, LAPD gave the order to disperse and gave those inside multiple warnings before beginning with arrests.

Almost all of the arrests happened peacefully. Officers fired their only beanbag shots of the action in its last hour as they removed four protesters from a tree fort next to the City Hall steps. No other weapons were used during the encounters. There were two other use of force incidents that the department says did not result in injury.

Once the encampment was cleared of its occupants, dozens of LAPD officers in hazmat suits descended to break down tents and separate trash from valuables.

When their work is finished, the park will be handed over to Recreation and Parks. It will be closed off and barricaded while renovations are underway.

Update (11am): Added in the official 292 arrest number.

ยป Live Updates — Last: November 30, 2011

  • 05:06AM Last arrest made. LAPD officers in hazmat uniforms swarming lawn to sort trash from valuables, then Rec & Parks takes over (ERIC)
  • 04:48AM Three of the tree fort dwellers are out. One to go. (ERIC)
  • 04:22AM BatCat is coming back in. (ERIC)
  • 03:51AM Three protesters are still on top of their tree fort up next to City Hall. (ERIC)
  • 03:36AM Street Services trucks have brought in some heavy-duty jersey barriers to close off the park during renovations. (ERIC)
  • 03:32AM Majority of LAPD officers are boarding their buses and heading out. (ERIC)
  • 03:12AM Lt. Andy Smith says 104 arrests so far, and that number will go up. Says two minor use of force instances. (ERIC)
  • 02:25AM BatCat is a modified fork lift built out by LAPD for bomb squad use. It can be driven as an R/C. Total bay mobile look. (ERIC)
  • 02:23AM LAPD has brought out the BatCat, though they aren't driving it via the remote control. (ERIC)
  • 02:16AM LAPD is bringing in a rescue ladder truck, seemingly to work on getting protesters out of the trees. (ERIC)
  • 02:00AM More officers being deployed to 1st and Main, where protesters were just ordered to disperse. (ERIC)
  • 01:56AM LAPD appears to be giving the order to disperse to protesters gathered along the police line at 1st and Main. (ERIC)
  • 01:53AM "It's quite a mess in there," says LAPD Lt. Nieman. (ERIC)
  • 01:50AM LAPD estimates 40-50 people still to be arrested, along with several still in the trees. (ERIC)
  • 01:18AM Just added a photo of a few of the arrestees who were brought over by the media for processing. (ERIC)
  • 12:56AM It appears the first few arrestees are being ushered to 1st Street and handed over to the hazmat officers. (ERIC)
  • 12:47AM LAPD is still giving dispersal notices. They're giving people plenty of time to leave if they wish (ERIC)
  • 12:32AM 10 minute unlawful assembly order was given at 12:26, so at 12:36 whoever is inside the area is leaving in cuffs. (ERIC)
  • 12:27AM LAPD giving unlawful assembly order as officers line streets and walkways around and inside City Hall park. (ERIC)
  • 12:18AM Hundreds of officers, including divisions in what appear to be hazmat suits, just descended on City Hall. (ERIC)
  • 11:44PM Several twitter peeps note 7 choppers circling the City Hall area. Just heard a protester from Oakland marveling at media turnout. (ERIC)
  • 11:43PM Had a tough connectivity spell. Still waiting for the actual raid to start. (ERIC)
  • 11:04PM Standing on the 1st street sidewalk just watching the feed from inside T52's van. (ERIC)
  • 10:53PM Now people wait... Next step should be police lines and then the order to disperse. (ERIC)
  • 10:42PM Outskirts of the camp are quiet. Los of media huddle around the circle of protesters in the center preparing to be arrested. (ERIC)
  • 10:34PM It's 10:30. The City Hall Park is officially closed for the night. Lots of prep going on inside the camp, with chants and drums. (ERIC)


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