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Blustery Winds Blow Through Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, December 01, 2011, at 09:40AM
Toppled Tree at Maguire Gardens Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

Maguire Gardens appeared to suffer the worst damage from Wednesday night's storm. Two trees were felled, as were a number of large branches.

Powerful wind gusts that roared through Los Angeles last night did not spare Downtown from their fury, toppling trees, knocking out street lights and generally leaving a mess to clean up on Thursday morning.

The most severe damage spotted Downtown appeared to be at Maguire Gardens next to the Central Library. The park lost two trees and a number of large branches. It was closed off on Thursday morning as the damage was assessed.

The Farmers Market at City Hall is cancelled for the week, and will return on December 8. That decision was made on Wednesday due to concerns from the Health Department over having too much particulate matter in the air while food is being served.

Turns out it was a good closure: the power was out at City Hall on Thursday morning. Service was restored at 9:30am.

Throughout Downtown, the winds damaged rooftop furniture and the contents of many residential balconies. At 6th and Main, a large tree branch fell on top of a car parked in a parking lot. Business Improvement District personnel and building maintenance workers could be found sweeping up leaves piled along curbs throughout the Financial District.

Commuters entering Downtown on Thursday morning had to deal with a number of darkened stoplights, particularly on top of Bunker Hill and around 2nd and Beaudry.

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