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Around the Halls: Signage, Responsible Banking, Flower Storage and Affordable Housing

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, December 05, 2011, at 08:16AM
Valentine's Flowers Eric Richardson

Many of the blooms sold in Downtown's flower district take a circuitous route from South America via Miami, and are trucked across the country for sale here.

Today is Monday, December 5. The never-ending debate over the city's signage code, the Occupy LA-friendly Responsible Banking Ordinance, cold storage at Ontario Airport and affordable housing in Chinatown are among the items on agendas at City Hall this week.

MONDAY: Planning and Land Use Management meets, as does Budget and Finance.

The never-ending effort to reform the city's signage code comes back to Planning and Land Use Management as CF 11-1705 and CF 08-2020.

The City Council was quick to tout its Responsible Banking Ordinance when it wanted the favor of the Occupy LA movement, but the details of just how such a program would work are still being determined. CF 09-0234 is at Budget and Finance, where the City Administrative Officer recommends that language be drawn up that would require banks to submit L.A.-specific scores on loans and balance reductions, but that would leave details about any penalties until after a working group discussion.

TUESDAY: Council meets, as do four committees.

Councilwoman Perry believes that a shorter journey for flowers could lead to big bucks for Los Angeles. Her motion, CF 11-1974, goes to the Trade, Commerce and Tourism committee.

The city owns a small parcel at Figueroa and Pico that Councilwoman Perry believes could be developed, potentially into a hotel. CF 11-1718 is a motion asking the Chief Legislative Analyst to report on the feasibility of any potential projects and to prepare a request for an advisor to help the city market for ideas.

WEDNESDAY: Council returns, as do three committees.

$23 million in tax-exempt bonds for low-income senior housing in Chinatown goes to Housing, Community and Economic Development under CF 11-1968. Western Community Housing and Meta Housing Corp plan to create 123 units at 808-810 N. Spring, where Kor Group had once planned to do market-rate housing in adjoining 9- and 6-story buildings.

An agreement to have AEG pay more planning costs for the planning work that is going toward its Convention Center modernization and stadium project goes to Council as CF 11-0023-S8. The motion includes approval to hire one planner, one planning associate and an accountant.

In the northwest corner of Downtown, CF 11-1999 starts the vacation process for a stub of Mignonette Street west of Fremont between Temple and Diamond. GH Palmer intends to build a residential project there there would hug the edge of the 110 and 101 freeways. Mignonette was cut off by the development of the 110, but a tiny bit of street remains.

Public Works committee will review the status of fees for the Downtown Art Walk under CF 11-1336. The monthly event started having to pay special event fees earlier this fall.

An airspace vacation that would allow a bridge to connect parking on top of two structures on the northeast corner of 4th and Los Angeles goes to Public Works committee as CF 05-1412.


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