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Spring Street Park Almost Ready for Start of Construction

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, December 13, 2011, at 01:37PM
Spring Street Park Excavation Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

An excavator is used to dig into a former basement inside the Spring Street Park in November.

Ground was broken for the Historic Core's Spring Spring Park in October, but the first two months of work has offered little for Downtowners eager to see their new 0.7-acre green space take shape.

That should change in February or March, as the project leaves the demolition phase and enters construction.

On Wednesday, the city's Parks Commission will vote to approve final design for the park and put the job of constructing it out for bid. Those interested in doing the estimated $1.2 million worth of work then have until February 7, 2012, to respond.

Once construction starts, it should take roughly one year to turn the leveled site into the lawns, plazas and paths that were approved for the site last August.

Before that process could start, though, a demolition crew needed to remove construction debris and uncertified fill that has simply been paved over when the buildings once on the site were removed. That work is expected to finish early next year.

The Request for Proposals that the commission will consider on Wednesday includes one concession to fears that bids could come back too high, separating any sidewalk and tree well work in the public right-of-way into a "additive alternate" that the city can choose not to build if funds run low.

Parks Commission Board Report


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