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Around the Halls: Who Will Handle Neighborhood Council Elections?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, January 03, 2012, at 08:06AM
DLANC Meeting Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The DLANC board of directors meets in the lobby of the Los Angeles Theatre in September of 2009.

TUESDAY: City Council meets, as does the Trade, Commerce and Tourism committee.

Neighborhood Council elections for 2012 would be run by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment instead of by the City Clerk's office if CF 11-1912 is passed by Council. The move would replace a previous suggestion that elections instead be put off for two years, leaving existing boards in place. Discussion in Council is likely to still revolve around how any such move would be funded.

Until 2008, neighborhood councils managed their own elections. The move to give the City Clerk's office control was made to standardize operations.

WEDNESDAY: Council returns, joined only by the Office of Public Accountability's Citizen's Committee, which will be in closed session interviewing potential candidates for head of the office.

At Council, CF 11-0763-S1 is a motion to add $212.4 million to the current year's budget for the CRA, but it remains to be seen whether the request is relevant after last week's state supreme court decision that likely ended redevelopment agencies.

FRIDAY: Council has the day all to itself for its third meeting of the week.

The only Downtown item is the dedication of a rounded curb on northwest corner of 1st and Judge John Aiso Street. CF 11-1989 has all the riveting details.


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