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Suspect arrested in connection to string of Main Street attacks

By Hayley Fox
Published: Friday, January 20, 2012, at 12:40PM
via the Los Angeles Police Department

Jermaine Vincent Moran, the suspect arrested in connection to a series of Downtown attacks.

A suspect was arrested early this morning in connection to a string of assaults that took place on Main Street between first and third streets. LAPD officials say the suspect, Jermaine Vincent Moran, had outstanding warrants when he was arrested at about 7 a.m. today near Main and Temple Streets.

“It didn’t take long to find Mr. Moran, and he was within a block of where all of the previous attacks occurred,” said Lt. Paul Vernon, head of detectives for the Central Police Station.

Moran was booked on outstanding warrants as the battery cases against him continue to be investigated. All the attacks Moran is suspected of committing are misdemeanor batteries and according to state law, officers can't make such arrests unless they witness the crime.

The LAPD reports that Moran is connected to a total of five attacks; four victims were women, one was a man. Vernon said that Moran was most active in the mornings and evenings when people are coming to and from the civic center.

“Later yesterday afternoon, this man struck for the fifth time, slapping a woman in the head as she walked on the sidewalk at Main and 1st Streets,” said Vernon. “This last attack confirmed the suspect’s MO (Modus Operandi) and the fact that these several attacks are all by the same person and related.”

Moran is accused of striking victims in the nose, face, stomach and neck.

His first victim, a city employee, said she was leaving work to walk home the evening of January 3 when she was attacked in the middle of the crosswalk around 6:15 p.m.

She said she was halfway through the crosswalk when "the man came out of nowhere" and shoved, or hit, her in the face. She fell to the ground but managed to get up and out of the street before the light turned green.

There were a few people around and cars waiting for the light when the attack happened.

She described her assailant as an African-American man, dressed in dark clothing and carrying a backpack.

Another victim was an LAPD civilian employee who was attacked on January 11 at about 5:30 p.m. She was walking from the office to her car that was parked at City Hall East, when she was hit in the stomach by a man she described as "creepy" but an "average joe."

She even saw the man before the attack, but wasn't alarmed.

"I didn't think anything of it because he looked like a normal guy," she said.

Although it was dark, the victim was able to make out the man's hoodie, jeans and backpack he was carrying. Other victims reported similar descriptions of the suspect and although shaken by the attack, none were seriously injured.

Detectives are preparing the five battery cases for presentation to the city attorney, according to a statement from the LAPD. Because of Moran’s pattern of attacks, officials believe the city attorney will give this case immediate consideration, expecting to file the new charges quickly.


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