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Pour some out for Philippe's: French dip legend says goodbye to 9-cent coffee

By Hayley Fox
Published: Thursday, January 26, 2012, at 10:58AM
Philippe's Andrew Miller / Flickr

Philippe's the self-proclaimed inventor of the French Dipped sandwich will soon raise their coffee prices

Philippe's 10-cent (9-cents plus tax) cup of coffee is a welcoming, warming tradition for generations of L.A. residents; now, that caffeine boost will cost you five times as much.

Because of rising supply costs, the price of coffee at Philippe's will increase to 45 cents starting February 2.

According to Philippe's website, the cost of coffee doubled between Spring 2010 and Spring 2011, reaching over $6 per pound according to government statistics.

Although many may miss being able to use loose dimes for late-night coffee, this price hike seems well overdo: the last time Philippe's raised coffee prices was in 1977, when a cup went from 5 to 9 cents. According to manager Elias Barajas, who's worked at Philippe's for 45 years, that increase was also due to rising supply costs.

Philippe's buys its coffee from Apffels Fine Coffees, an L.A.-based coffee roaster that's been in business since 1919.

The Los Angeles Times reports that although customers took note of the price hike, many didn't seem too surprised. In fact, most were impressed the 9-cent deal lasted this long.

Philippe's has come a long way since it's creation in 1908; from its creation of the French-Dipped Sandwich in 1918, to celebrating its 100th birthday in 2008 and even surviving a brief shut-down because of a cockroach infestation in early 2010.


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