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'Civic Center Slapper' of Main Street assaults punches US attorney

By Hayley Fox
Published: Friday, February 03, 2012, at 01:00PM
via Googlemaps

The most recent attack of the "Civic Center Slapper" occurred on Aliso and Alameda streets.

The suspect police are calling the "Civic Center Slapper" attacked another person in Downtown last week. In the seventh of a string of similar incidents, this time the victim was a 51-year-old male U.S. attorney, according to the LAPD blog.

The attorney was walking near Aliso and Alameda streets on Jan.27 at about 6:15 p.m. when the suspect, described as a 6-foot, African-American man, approached from the opposite direction and punched the attorney in the jaw. The blow caused the attorney’s head to strike the wall of the building.

Police say that the suspect in this attack is believed to be the same man responsible for two other attacks in the Downtown area.

The previous attacks occurred throughout January, on or near Main Street between 1st and 3rd streets. Victims were either hit or slapped in the nose, face, neck or stomach.

Police arrested Jermaine Moran on Jan.20, for these incidents, after four victims identified him as their attacker.

When another victim had a different description of the attacker, police said they knew they had a "copy-cat criminal on the loose," according to a statement.

“We know the suspect is not Jermaine Moran because he is still in custody on four other charges related to slapping people,” said Lt. Paul Vernon, head of detectives for the downtown area. “So we know we have at least one other man doing the same thing, and it appears he’s struck again.”

For safety sake, Vernon recommends that people walk in pairs, and that they don’t text or talk on phones as they walk. He also advises that pedestrians create distance as strangers approach.

The suspect in the attorney's attack is described as wearing a white knit cap, white sweater and being of medium build. The victim also noticed the suspect had a “5 o’clock shadow” of a beard on his face, according to police.


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