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LA welcomes first 'Beerathon'; only serious drinkers need apply

By Hayley Fox
Published: Friday, February 10, 2012, at 04:39PM
Flickr via Cambridge Brewing Company

L.A. to get first annual Beerathon on Mar. 31.

After five successful years in New York, the "Beerathon" beer marathon is stumbling into Downtown L.A. this March.

What exactly does this Olympics-of-drinking mean to suds lovers?

A $55 registration fee will buy you 26 beers at 26 different Downtown venues, a course map, and a VIP pass that allows for easy access in and out.

Check-in starts at noon on Mar. 31 and your cup runneth over til you can't runneth no more.

There is no pressure to finish all 26 beers, notes the official Beerathon website:

"As macho and tough as you may be, 26 beers is a A LOT of beer. If you can’t finish, don’t. It’s important to drink responsibly. Even in your college-prime, you’ll still have difficulty attempting this task."

Beerathon organizers encourage dressing comfortably for the marathon event, and, where applicable, in team uniforms.

Those who rally a gaggle of 20 or more imbibers will be rewarded by Beerathon with a group discount.

And should you find yourself wondering why you would attempt such a daunting booze feat, Beerathon has the answer:

"Because you’re an American, damn it! We accept challenges – no matter how difficult the odds. But seriously, you’ll have a ton of fun, whether or not you finish."


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