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What do you want the future 2B? LA city planners ask for help

By Hayley Fox
Published: Friday, February 17, 2012, at 02:08PM
Hayley Fox

LA/2B is encouraging L.A. residents to contribute their thoughts on how to improve transportation in the city. Want to see more green bike lanes like this one in Downtown? You can tell the in the online town hall.

LA/2B is a project by the Los Angeles Departments of City Planning and Transportation that aims to make city streets more efficient and affective for L.A. residents.

Every five to ten years, the city updates a portion of it's "general plan" - basically a giant blueprint of the city and its operations.

The transportation aspect of the plan was last updated in 1999- leading to the deployment of the city's RAPID bus line. In 2012, city officials are looking to embrace cultural shifts by creating streets more accessible for public transit, cyclists and pedestrians, said Jane Choi, planner for the Department of City Planning's Citywide Planning Unit.

Although widening L.A.'s streets isn't out of the question, she said, city planners are trying to develop a game plan for re-purposing the streets as well.

And that's where you come in; Angeleno.

LA/2B is reaching out to residents for their ideas, concerns and input about how to make the city streets function better. There's an online town hall with over 500 people registered, who interact with each other and city officials to discuss what they like or hope to fix about their neighborhoods.

Typically when the city does in-person workshops and focus groups, there's not a huge turnout from the 18 to 35-year-old set. But, when they take the conversation online, they see a marked improvement in younger generation's participation, said Choi.

"If people have ideas we're definitely listening," she added.

Since the site was launched on Nov. 7, LA/2B has generated over 300 different ideas for improving the transportation system.

City officials pose questions in the forum such as "What streets do you use for shorter trips?" and "What is the most important street feature for buses?". They've also asked "What are the main streets you use?" because main streets are usually central, commercial hubs and may warrant more "robust" bike lanes or pedestrian access, Choi said.

Some contributors have already brought up concepts they've seen in other cities, that they think L.A. should consider adopting.

But LA/2B is also available in-person and by phone, with an active "Idea Line" that you can call or text ideas to. A series of in-person workshops dubbed "Think Labs" will be held throughout L.A. as well.

On Mar. 3, Downtowners can go to La Plaza de Cultura y Artes from 9:30-11:30 a.m. to talk to city planners and see a series of maps that "tells the story about our transportation system," said Choi.

LA/2B is part of a three year process of preparation the city is going through before any actual construction begins.

To reach the Idea Line call 213-935-0385


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