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Downtowners sound off on their favorite neighborhood street corners

By Andrew Lopez
Published: Wednesday, March 21, 2012, at 09:40AM
Andrew Lopez

The corner of 6th St and Spring St.

On a recent sunny afternoon, blogdowntown strolled through Downtown to see what everyone’s favorite corner is.

As might be expected, many are digging the bars and architecture running along Spring Street. But there were a few curveballs as well -- read on to find out what Downtowners' favorite spots are and why.

Please contribute in the comments and tell us what your favorite corner is too!

Hilkiah Browne, photographer: 6th St and Spring St

If he had to choose, Browne said this corner is his favorite because of hangouts like the Golden Gopher Bar and the various art galleries on Spring Street, but he doesn't think he can narrow down his favorite spot by corner.

“I don’t think there’s one specific corner really, you know," Browne said. "It's with streets."

Having spent a lot of time in Downtown for the past four years, Browne has seen a transformation that he considers a good thing.

“They call it gentrification or whatever you want to call it, beautification, but something has happened," Browne said. "Something’s going on here. You can definitely feel it.”

Satchell Pratt, student at USC: 6th St & Main St

“I live on 6th St and Main St," Pratt said. “It’s got great restaurants and it’s a mix of really everything that Downtown has to offer.”

Sarah Smith, writer: Winston St and Los Angeles St

“There’s a really great little patch of graffiti and it’s really artistic and interesting and sometimes has little bits of poetry and statements on it," Smith said.

Though it's a lesser known attraction for Downtowners, Smith admits it can be a little shady the later it gets.

“At night there are definitely drug deals that go down there.”

Alison Carelli, Silverlake resident: 4th St and Spring St

"It's just a good vibe," Carelli said of the corner. "If I didn’t live in Silver Lake I’d live in Downtown. I love the concrete jungle.”

Brandon Conner, Musician and Production Asst.: 5th St and Spring St

Living just around the corner, Conner likes that he can catch up with friends at The Down and Out Bar.

“There’s a lot of friends around here, so if you live around here, you just meet everyone which is awesome.”


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