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Armed Forces opens new recruitment center near L.A. Live

By Andrew Lopez
Published: Thursday, March 29, 2012, at 09:40AM
Andrew Lopez

The Armed Forces Career Center is located near the corner of 11th st. and Flower St.

About 200 people including future soldiers and recruiters, gathered at the grand opening of the Armed Forces Career Center on Wednesday in Downtown.

Located near the corner of 11th and Flower streets, the center is home to Army, Marine and Air Force recruitment centers. The center was previously located at the University Village Shopping Center on Hoover Street.

Sgt. First Class Alex Fuentes of the U.S. Army said the new location will help draw attention to their cause and hopefully bring in more recruits.

“We wanted a new location, obviously, a location with better visibility,” said Fuentes, the center commander for the U.S. Army recruitment center in Los Angeles. “We wanted to be close to the Staples Center. We know L.A. Live gets a lot of traffic.”

Sgt. Michael Junkins of the Air Force agreed, saying when word gets out of their new location more recruits will be walking through their doors.

“Once we get awareness of where we’re at, it’ll be easier,” Junkins said.

The previous center wasn’t able to accommodate as many people as the new office does -- mostly due to a lack of space, Fuentes explained.

“In the other office it was really limited, we just had maybe one desk, one computer,” Fuentes said. “Now we have four, five computers.”

At the center, privates who already enlisted will now have plenty of space to complete online training and classes while preparing to be shipped out to basic training.

Raqib Elamin, a private who is shipping out to Fort Sill, Oklahoma on April 10, said the army-colored walls and décor give the new location a nice feel.

“It’s more warming, it has a more home-y feel,” Elamin said.

Fuentes said the primary purpose of the center is for processing future soldiers, interviewing applicants and allowing a space for parents to sit down with their kids and talk to recruiters.

Though Fuentes said he’s happy with the move, the business at hand won’t change much.

“The office doesn’t really dictate a lot of what we do,” Fuentes said. “We actually go out on the street, that’s how we actually recruit. We actually want to be out there in the community.”


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