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In the Battle of Los Angeles, Lakers beat Clippers but did Blake foul Pau?

By Tony Pierce
Published: Wednesday, April 04, 2012, at 11:23PM
Blake over Pau

Blake Griffin dunks over Pau Gasol but the Lakers beat the Clippers.

Staples Center was the site of one of the most entertaining basketball games of the year as the Lakers beat Clippers 113-108.

The "Battle of Los Angeles" was action-packed and included some monster dunks by both teams. But the second powerful slam by Clipper forward Blake Griffin over Laker center Pau Gasol had many crying foul despite the refs saying it was legal.

The first Griffin dunk (pictured) was clearly clean but after the game Gasol "compared Blake's 2nd dunk on him to a hit-and-run. Thought it should have been a foul," tweeted Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times, "but still called it a 'pretty impressive play'".

Needless to say, Twitter was filled with celebration and outrage:

So what's your take? Foul, great dunk, or both?


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