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Police say there was no damage to bike in Spring St. accident; there was no hit-and-run

By Hayley Fox
Published: Wednesday, April 25, 2012, at 03:29PM
Spring Street Bicycle Lane Simon Hartigan

The new Spring Street bicycle lane next to the Alexandria at 5th and Spring. The lane runs from Cesar Chavez to 9th.

The Los Angeles Police Department have concluded their investigation into the Spring Street bike incident that left a cyclist severely injured earlier this month. The LAPD has determined the crash to be a bike accident -- not a hit-and-run.

"All the evidence indicates that she was never struck by a vehicle," said LAPD Capt. Horace Frank.

Frank said that two LAPD officers witnessed the incident, and reported that the car in question had turned off of Spring Street before Susanna Schick took her fall.

"They saw the car turn to go westbound. She continued," Frank explained. "it was well after that person had turned that she actually fell."

Frank said that Schick was riding fast, and that her high speed could explain the extent of her injuries. Schick suffered a broken collarbone, 6 broken ribs and 3 pelvic fractures, all on the left side, as well as a concussion.

"The officers clocked her going anywhere between 30 and 35 miles per hour," he said.

Schick argues that she was going about half that fast, as she tweeted "30mph? Ha! More like 18 according to my #Cyclemeter," in response to a story published by NBCLA citing her speed earlier this month.

One of the most contentious piece of evidence is the physical damage to Schick's bicycle. Schick's friend Jennifer Beatty, described the back wheel of the bicycle as looking like a "bike taco"-- meaning the back rim was bent about half an inch. It was a "physical improbability" that this amount of damage could occur without a collision, she told blogdowntown in an earlier interview.

But police say the back wheel is completely unscathed.

"There is no damage to the bicycle," said Frank.

He explained that the two officers who witnessed the accident were also the ones who brought Schick's bike back to her home. They saw the bike firsthand and, Frank repeated, "There is no damage to the bicycle."

Multiple attempts to obtain a photo of the damaged bike were denied. Beatty said she was advised by Schick's lawyer not to give out the picture. Schick also confirmed that she will not be speaking to the press until her legal team has gathered more evidence in her case.

But Schick has been speaking in increments through her Twitter account, and even though police report that she herself said the car didn't hit her -- that's not what she's saying online.

This last Tuesday she tweeted, "...Hopefully as soon as these pelvic bone fractures heal from the car that raped me & left me for dead."

Schick has left the hospital and is still recovering in a rehabilitation center, according to Beatty.


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