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As marchers assemble in and around Downtown, protesters arrested at LAX

By Hayley Fox
Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2012, at 02:37PM
Haley Fox / KPCC

Handmade signs litter the streets of Downtown in preparation for the annual May Day March.

This morning in downtown L.A., masses of police, sheriff deputies, and members of the fire department began preparing for the May Day march by gathering at locations such as Pershing Square and City Hall.

Starting around 12:30 p.m., groups of protesters began congregating at different points in Downtown with plans to converge later on in the afternoon.

The Occupy LA camp was on Main street near 5th, and they were giving out free food and clothes while live bands performed. They said they were trying to encourage homeless from Skid Row to come join the rally and eat a free meal.

On Olympic and Broadway another large crowd gathered, representing interests from worker's rights to LGBT.

Lining the streets vendors were selling ice cream, candy, plastic horns and beverages.

Traffic has begun to back up throughout Downtown as street closures have begun to take effect. Some streets that were scheduled to close earlier in the day remained open as police, who have been out since 7 a.m., determined that there wasn't yet enough activity to shut them down.

Protesters, some of whom are students, appear to be congregating in small groups as they anticipate the larger rallies that are expected later in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, across town, several protesters have been arrested on Century Blvd. near the entrance of LAX. Demonstrators gathered along the busy intersection. When several protestors ignored the LAPD's order to disperse they were arrested.


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