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Farmers Field to create the 'largest urban tailgate in America' in downtown LA

By Hayley Fox
Published: Tuesday, May 08, 2012, at 12:37PM

The new Farmers Field includes adding a large outdoor space that can accommodate about 15,000 people.

At a design and technology convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) on Tuesday, Farmers Field backers debuted a new "fly-through" video that illustrates plans for the new NFL stadium in Downtown.

Representatives from AEG, the LACC, design groups and venture organizations emphasized that their focus was on making the new stadium accessible by public transportation as well as a representation of the city of Los Angeles.

Ted Tanner of AEG said they want the stadium to take advantage of the city's great weather and skyline views, so they've designed a lightweight, movable roof for the stadium.

"The idea was to create a building that was very light, very airy...almost had wings," said Ron Turner of Gensler architecture and design firm.

The stadium will have expandable seating that can accommodate the Superbowl, NCAA final four games and even the World Cup.

The Farmers Field project is about more than just football, said Turner, it's about creating an "event center." This multipurpose location will include a contiguous space within the convention center as well as an outdoor area for community events and the "largest urban tailgate in America" -- the designated space can accommodate about 15,000 people.

"It's everything that L.A. really needs," Turner said, adding that the new center will make the city "complete" in terms of sporting and entertainment venues.

AEG has also said that the new Farmers Field complex will bring more than 20,000 jobs to Los Angeles, garnering support from many local labor unions.

The updated renderings of the new Downtown space were released to the public last month. A draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was already completed and the public comment period ends in two weeks. Tanner said that by the end of the summer they should have most of the city approvals in place, and plan to start construction on the convention center in 2013 and on the field in 2014.

Farmers Field is expected to open in the Fall of 2017.

Watch the new fly-through video below


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