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LA City Council approves proposal to ban plastic bags at LA grocery stores

By Andrew Lopez
Published: Wednesday, May 23, 2012, at 02:01PM
Flickr via Heal the Bay Flickr via Heal the Bay

L.A. City Council voted to ban plastic bags in the city Wednesday afternoon at City Hall, 13 to 1.

L.A. City Council approved a proposal Wednesday afternoon that would ban plastic bags and charge for paper ones at Los Angeles grocery stores.

The council voted 13 to 1 in favor of doing away with plastic bags and implementing a 10-cent fee on paper bags in an estimated 7,500 stores.

An environmental report on the ban is expected to take four to six months to complete. The city attorney will then return with an ordinance that would implement the ban, KPCC reports.

Larger retailers will have six months to phase out plastic bags after an ordinance is in place and smaller retailers will have one year to do the same. The 10-cent charge per paper bag will also go into effect within one year after the ban is implemented.

A progress report on the effectiveness of the ban will be performed by the Bureau of Sanitation after two years. They will then make recommendations on how to change or expand the program.

The ban will not include the smaller plastic bags patrons use for fruits, vegetables and meats.


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