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The Last Bookstore opens second floor; $1 'labyrinth' of books

By Hayley Fox
Published: Tuesday, June 12, 2012, at 03:31PM
Andres Aguila/KPCC

Workers continue to move boxes and stack books on the second floor.

Although The Last Bookstore didn't reach their $20,000 fundraising goal, they are opening a portion of their mezzanine level book labyrinth today and letting the $1 book sales begin.

The second floor addition will include more than 100,000 books and 50 percent of the proceeds from this area will be given to charity, said Josh Spencer, owner of the Downtown store.

Spencer said they were "shooting for the moon" when they listed their lofty donation goal on their indiegogo site, but that they were pleased to even raise the almost $7,000 that they did.

The store was aiming to expand by 6,100 square feet and create a "true two-floor book bonanzarama," according to The Last Bookstore's indiegogo. Many of the $1 books in this area were donated to the shop, likely facilitating their sale at such a reduced price.

Tuesday is the second floor's "soft opening," with only one of the two mezzanine rooms completed. Besides browsing through books, visitors can ogle whimsical artwork, tunnels and sculptures made of books and paper pages. There's even a swiveling bookcase that will open to welcome patrons into another tiny room full of books.

On June 23, Spencer plans to host the mezzanine's official "grand opening" and the store's one year anniversary celebration.

The Last Bookstore is located at 453 S. Spring Street


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