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Kings fans skip work and school to watch victory parade

By Omar Shamout
Published: Thursday, June 14, 2012, at 04:41PM
Roberto (Bear) Guerra

Fans cheer on the NHL champion LA Kings in front of Staples Center

Thousands of Kings fans jammed Downtown streets and L.A. Live today to watch their favorite players parade down Figueroa Blvd. in open-top buses along with the most popular piece of silverware in L.A. at the moment: the Stanley Cup.

Even work and school couldn’t keep people away this afternoon. 25-year-old Taylor Steinbacher was supposed to be studying for the bar exam at his nearby alma mater, Loyola Law School, but the die-hard fan said studying could wait.

“I can always take the bar exam, but I may never get to see a Kings victory celebration again,” Steinbacher said.

His friend and fellow fan, Melissa Lee, 27, works at an office in L.A. Live, but said she didn’t even bother making an excuse to attend the parade and rally.

“I just walked out,” Lee said.

From the Tonight Show to Jimmy Kimmel Live to Dodgers Stadium, Lord Stanley’s Cup has traversed the city since the Kings won the NHL’s championship trophy on Monday in a 6-1 win over the New Jersey Devils.

Legions of Angelenos could be seen at both Union and 7th and Metro stations packing into trains throughout the morning and early afternoon on their way to the parade route. Fans lucky enough the score tickets to the 2:30pm rally inside Staples Center then ventured towards L.A. Live to pass the time at one of the many bars and restaurants in the complex.

Free tickets to the rally sold out quickly as the Kings allowed each season-ticket holder to reserve up to four tickets to the event. One fan along the parade route said he saw tickets to the rally selling for more than $100 on Craigslist earlier in the day.

LAPD and L.A. County Sheriff officers were very visible throughout the day on foot, bicycle and horseback, but the atmosphere was jubilant and peaceful, with many people bringing their young children to witness this historic event.


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