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Santee Alley's summer trends: studs, tutus and nails

By Kylie Reynolds
Published: Tuesday, July 03, 2012, at 12:39PM
Kylie Reynolds/blogdowntown

Studded heels, like these from store Angel Shoes Collection, Inc., are a hit this summer along Santee Alley. Shopper Emily Myag said people come to Santee Alley to buy these because they are funky and inexpensive.

Crowds swarmed Santee Alley in the July heat, as the scent of bacon-wrapped hot dogs filled the air, searching for the latest fashion trend on Monday. The blocks-long stretch in DTLA's Fashion District - known for its inexpensive, wholesale and sometimes illegal clothing, electronics and pets - is a popular spot to find top-brand replicas and emerging styles.

BlogDowntown asked storeowners and shoppers what's trending along the Alley this summer. The answer? Studded shoes, neon tutus and beaded fingernails.

Studded heels and flats can be found in nearly every other Santee Alley shop. Deborah Coha of Angel Shoes Collection, Inc. said studded heels have been her main moneymaker this summer. The shoes go for $35 to $39 - with a discount if you barter, she said.

On Monday, Emily Myag, 24, was drawn to the same heels that Coha had pointed out. Myag said shoppers like herself come to the Alley for items like studded heels because they resemble top brands at a lower price.

"Everyone is crazy about these heels," Myag said. "They're thick, more funky."

Neon, sequined tutus and furry boots also dot the walls of many Santee Alley stores. The tutus - which have taken off this summer - are primarily bought by teens and young adults for raves, said Lety Morales, 56, owner of store Honey Deep that carries tutus.

"I don't sell it for people my age, I sell it for the young people," Morales said. "I sell it because I know it's with the times."

And for those looking for a slightly more tame way to get in their glitter and glam, beaded nails have also found popularity among young girls and women.

Groups of shoppers crowded around Nail Art on Monday, looking at the "cavalier beads," which are sold in individual pots and applied to nails with glue or wet nail polish.

Know of a Santee Alley summer trend we missed? Tell us about it in the comments.


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