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Slurpee's sweet deal draws downtowners to 7-Eleven

By Kylie Reynolds
Published: Wednesday, July 11, 2012, at 03:46PM
7-Eleven Kylie Reynolds/blogdowntown

Angela Ma's cup overflowed with a free Coca-Cola flavored slurpee on Wednesday at a 7-Eleven along 7th Street.

Wes Lea was stationed at the 7-Eleven convenience store at Broadway and Fifth Street right at 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

His promptness paid off. Lea was one of the first customers to score a free 7-Eleven Slurpee at the DTLA location for "7-Eleven Day," held on July 11 - or 7/11 - in honor of the store's 85th birthday. The convenience store is known for its Slurpees - the colorful, sugary, frozen drinks that come in various flavors such as Coke and Wild Cherry.

Downtowners like Lea didn't miss the chance to take advantage of this deal at the three 7-Eleven locations in DTLA. Dahver Mattu, the franchiser of the three downtown stores, said 7-Eleven holds the event to give back to its customers.

A steady stream of people filtered through the doors late Wednesday morning, heading for the back of the Broadway Avenue store. About 20 minutes into the event, manager Vanessa Berrios had to lay down a mat in front of the machine, as the floor started to get sticky from the slurpees' notorious sugar.

The deal goes from - when else? - 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Berrios said 7-Eleven Day always attracts more customers than on a regular day, and the Slurpee supplies sometimes goes more quickly as well.

"You have to get here right when it starts," Lea said. "It can be a mess."

While drinking a Slurpee from a 7.11 ounce cup made specially for the day, Lea said he can remember getting the same frozen drink as a child. When he was a kid, his father would often take him to get one of these frozen drinks after sports practice, he said.

On her way to an appointment, Ester Breland stopped into the Broadway Avenue store to grab a Slurpee. But she said it wouldn't be her last free one of the day - she also plans to go to 7-Elevens near her home on Beverly Boulevard.

"I'm taking my kids," Breland said laughing. "It's free Slurpees."

The deal came as bit of a surprise to downtowner Keisha Kola, who had just stopped into the store at 818 7th St. for a bite to eat. Kola said she doesn't drink the icy beverage very often anymore, but the drink used to be a staple when she first moved to L.A. from Atlanta.

On one memorable trip, she traveled from one 7-Eleven to another searching for the "blue favor." She said she can't remember what it tastes like now, but back then it was her favorite. Today, the blue flavor's not an option - so she went with Pina Colada.

As the day wore on, the deal remained a big draw for downtowners trying to beat the heat.

"Today, anything is good, it's so hot," said Alexander Lawrence, who had stopped into one downtown location to participate in his first 7-Eleven Day. He mixed the Wild Cherry and Pina Colada flavors to get his ideal frozen drink before venturing back into the sweltering temperatures.

The three DTLA 7-Eleven locations are at 501 South Broadway Ave., 500 West 7th St. and 818 West 7th St.


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