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Pillow fights and bands to highlight Chinatown Summer Nights

By Andrew Lopez
Published: Thursday, July 26, 2012, at 09:10AM
Flickr via Salina Canizales

Chinatown Summer Nights will begin on Saturday, July 28th in Central Plaza.

Chinatown's Central Plaza will host head-to-head pillow fights, live music and food trucks over the course of three nights this summer.

The third annual Chinatown Summer Nights will kick off its first of biweekly festivities this Saturday, July 28 from 5 p.m. to midnight. Four bands will perform on opening night to people passing by the dance floor in the center of Central Plaza.

Punk Rock Pillow Fighting will make its debut at this year's event as contestants battle one-on-one on top of mattresses. Fighters will have the option of equipping themselves with one or two pillows, and the first person to fall to both knees will lose.

Winners will get a tote bag and an invitation to come back and compete at the next Summer Nights gathering.

Local Eagle Rock Brewery is organizing a craft beer garden that will include a selection of its own beers along with Golden Road brews and El Segundo Brewing Company selections.

There will also be cooking demonstrations and live art in the West Plaza, as well as art gallery exhibits along Chung King Road, said Shan Chao, organizer and Chinatown Business District employee.

In its third year, Summer Nights organizers are beginning to get the hang of putting on such a large event.

"We're trying to improve," said Chao. "It's an ongoing process."

The BID's minimal staff of about three people were still piecing the final product together days before the event.

Bands performing throughout the series will include Chicano Batman, Touche, Wild Pack of Canaries and the David Brothers. Eric Stollsteimer, owner of Caveman Vintage Music helped in getting bands to play the event.

For a complete list of scheduling and food trucks, visit the Chinatown Summer Nights website.

The event takes place at 943 – 951 N. Broadway


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