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Metro works on improving distinction between Expo Line, Blue Line

By Hayley Fox
Published: Friday, July 27, 2012, at 10:49AM
Emily Chu

Metro says they're taking steps to alleviate confusion between the Blue and Expo lines at the 7th Street Metro Station.

Since the Expo Line opened earlier this year, some Metro riders have had a hard time distinguishing between the new light-rail line and the Blue Line -- specifically at the 7th Street Downtown station. The trains' similar colors and shared platform level have even led some passengers to board the wrong train.

Now, Metro says they're working on improvements at this station, along with the one on Pico, to help transit passengers find their train easier.

According to the Source, Metro is making additional announcements at the stations as well as on the Blue and Expo line trains, in addition to creating more distinguishable signs; "Long Beach" indicates the Blue Line and "Culver City" identifies the Expo.

Additional maps and information are also being added to the 7th Street and Pico stations, and new signs will aim to help direct riders to the correct boarding locations.

Confusion over trains isn't the only growing pain Metro has faced since the highly anticipated cross-town Expo line debuted months ago. Some riders have also expressed frustration with delays and unreliable scheduling.

Marc Littman, a spokesman for Metro, told Blogdowntown last month that all the Metro lines-- Blue, Red, Gold, and others-- have had initial "issues that they tweak as they go along." The Expo Line's problems are no different.

Phase I of the Expo Line is now completed, and Phase II, which will extend the track westward to Santa Monica, is expected to be completed in 2016. Last month alone the Blue Line had about 2.4 million total boardings, while the Expo Line had about 435,000.

Have you noticed any improvements yet at the 7th Street station? Let us know in the comments.


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