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CityTarget in Westwood provides sneak peak for DTLA location

By Kylie Reynolds
Published: Monday, July 30, 2012, at 04:13PM

The front of the CityTarget that opens onto Weyburn Avenue in Westwood.

Los Angeles’ first CityTarget formally opened Sunday in Westwood, giving the city an idea of what it can expect in future stores - including one coming to Downtown in October.

The Westwood store, which soft-opened on Wednesday but celebrated its formal arrival to the city on Sunday, is smaller than a traditional Target but still maintains the overall feel of the store. CityTargets are designed to accommodate urban areas by fitting into tighter spaces and carrying items that rank as essentials for locals. The Westwood location is about 98,000 square feet - just a tad smaller than what is expected of the downtown L.A. store, which is planned to be about 100,000 square feet.

The store drew crowds on its first day up until its 9 p.m. closing. Most customers shopping at the Westwood CityTarget on Sunday agreed they could feel a difference in size when they walked through the doors.

“I noticed right away that it was smaller (than a regular Target store),” said Kristen Kang, a 27-year-old who works at nearby UCLA.

Despite the reduced size, Kang, who was shopping in the women’s department Sunday evening, said she expects to come to the CityTarget often.

“I would rather have a smaller Target than no Target at all,” she said.

The new model does not include a pharmacy or shoe department, but finds the space for a Starbucks coffee shop and two separate check-out areas. Household wares, cleaning supplies and electronics are in large supply at the store.

While browsing the CityTarget’s kitchenware, Esther Nie, 25, said she didn’t really feel that anything was lacking in the store. But she did take note of some items that seem to be catering to the store’s urban market.

“It has like 100 different types of wine stoppers,” Nie said. “I don’t think I’ve seen that in any other Target.”

And some Westwood shoppers also noticed the store did not skimp on its food selection. There are a handful of boxed and packaged food aisles, and a couple of aisles dedicated to fresh food (milk, eggs and yogurt) and frozen foods.

“When I heard CityTarget, I didn’t think it would have produce or groceries,” said Andrew Chan, a 29-year-old UCLA graduate student. “I’m glad it has one or two aisles (for produce).”

A CityTarget is set to open in DTLA at the remodeled Figat7th shopping center on Oct. 14. Another L.A. location is slated at the Beverly Connection shopping center in March 2013, making Los Angeles the city with the most CityTargets in the country.


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