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Socially conscious work space to open in downtown Arts District

By Kylie Reynolds
Published: Tuesday, August 14, 2012, at 03:32PM

A rendering of a stage in Hub LA.

A membership-only club focused on bringing together socially conscious professionals in one work space is launching its first Los Angeles location in the downtown Arts District this September.

Hub L.A., the Los Angeles branch of global business The Hub, will offer downtowners a communal space for office work and social gatherings for a membership fee. The 4,500 square foot space includes meeting rooms, offices, a kitchen and a rooftop area, said Hub LA co-founder Elizabeth Stewart.

Stewart said the club wants to shy away from being described solely as a “co-working space" -- a term used to characterize a number of businesses throughout DTLA, like Indie Desk and Flip-Work L.A., that provide communal work spaces. Hub LA, which offers programming and networking opportunities for both career and personal development, is more of a hybrid between a co-working space and a lifestyle club, she said.

Among the programming available are film screenings, venture competitions and yoga classes.

“The common theme is providing resources and relationships and knowledge sharing via a physical space for professionals who are trying to work on positive change, who have a social mission but are also making a profit,” Stewart said.

The founders began scouting Los Angeles locations back in 2008. Downtown’s -- and more specifically the Arts District’s -- energy was a draw for the owners, who saw creative collaboration already going on between professionals in the area, Stewart said

Flip-Work L.A. co-founder Jamal Kinney said the market for co-working spaces in DTLA is growing. With downtown's high pedestrian traffic, more and more people have been popping up in Flip-Work L.A.'s space on Hill Street near Pershing Square since its opening in February, he said.

Kinney said he is not concerned about losing customers to new communal work spaces coming into Downtown, because each space has their own niche. For example, Flip-Work L.A., which is also membership-based, focuses on offering programming about technology and mainly attracts start-up companies, he said.

Hub LA’s four-tiered membership plan ranges from “Hub Connect,” a plan for newcomers testing the space, to “Hub Desk,” the all-inclusive package that allows professionals to work out of the downtown location full-time. Prices vary from $25 to $745 a month.

Prospective members must fill out an application and be accepted into the club. Hub LA uses the term “impact professionals” to describe the type of person they are selecting -- those who have proven to carry out ideas and are looking to improve both the Los Angeles and the international community, Stewart said.

“The goal is to make the threshold for entry what you are working on, what actions you are doing to make the world a better place,” she said.

Hub LA will be located at 830 Traction Ave.


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