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Metro teaches bike manners with new train poster campaign

By Hayley Fox
Published: Tuesday, January 15, 2013, at 09:20AM
Metro via The Source

Posters like these will begin to pop up all over Metro trains to remind cyclist of proper public transit etiquette.

Metro is launching a new poster campaign on board their light-rail lines in an attempt to spread good cyclist etiquette. Brightly colored posters with images of riders and their bikes (U-locks and helmets prominently displayed), include a list of steps bikers should take to ensure a smooth ride for everyone.

"With more passengers coming onboard with bicycles, strollers and luggage, it’s more important than ever for riders to peacefully and safely co-exist," Metro's The Source reports.

The posters include tips like "Do not block doors or aisles," "Please make room for passengers with disabilities" and "Stand and hold your bike at all times in case of sudden starts or stops."

Metro said that last year they removed seats from some trains to make more room for people toting bikes, strollers or bags -- and now they're hoping cyclists will actually use these designated areas to stand and hold their bikes. Transit officials remind riders not to block the handicap spaces onboard or leave their bike unattended while they take a seat.

"Maintain control of your bike at all times and take care not to brush it against other passengers. Do not use a kickstand. Keep your bike as clean as possible," The Source reports.

Other tips include always walking your bike in station areas, transit centers and pedestrian corridors and using elevators rather than the escalators when you have a bike.

During rush hour or if the train is too crowded to fit you and your rig, Metro asks cyclists to wait for the next train or lock their bike at the station. At some of SoCal's "high demand" stations where there are a lot of bike riders, Metro will soon be introducing Bike Hubs -- a new type of secure parking for cyclists. These facilities will provide additional bike parking so that more cyclists are able to leave their rigs at the station instead of transporting them on trains and buses.

This first of these hubs are scheduled to open at the El Monte station this year, and will be followed by locations at the Hollywood/Vine Red Line Station, Culver City Expo Line Station North Hollywood Red/Orange Line Station and Downtown's Union Station.


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