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Metro continues transit manners campaign with new platform decals

By Hayley Fox
Published: Friday, February 15, 2013, at 08:48AM
Boarding the Metro Red Line at 7th / Metro Station Eric Richardson / blogdowntown

New temporary decals have been placed on red and purple line platforms at the 7th Street/Metro Center Station. The floor signs are meant to help ease the flow of passenger traffic.

A few weeks after Metro beefed up their bike etiquette signs aboard trains, they have continued to promote good public transit manners with new platform decals at the 7th/Metro Center Station.

These floor signs have been placed on red and purple line platforms and are intended to help coordinate the flow of traffic on and off trains, Metro's blog The Source reports.

These decals look like large yellow mats with arrows pointing away from the train, indicating that riders should be let off the light-rail line before new ones board. There are two additional diagonal arrows outside the yellow mat that point towards the train -- telling passengers they should wait to the sides until it's their turn.

Stephen Tu of Metro's rail operations told The Source that the 7th/Metro station is the busiest rail station in the system, and that they already build an extra minute into the subway schedule to account for the large number of boardings at this station. These trial-run floor decals are an attempt to reduce wait times and ease passenger transitions at the station.

The Source is soliciting rider input on how this process works or fails, and mentions preliminary concerns such as what happens when the train doors don’t line up directly with the decals.

Do you think these floor decals will help with passenger traffic? What do you think would be a better solution? Tell us in the comments!


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