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Peddler's Creamery now open for business on Main Street

By Hayley Fox
Published: Monday, April 22, 2013, at 09:43AM
Hayley Fox

Flavors range from the seemingly basic Banana and Cinnamon, to vegan Mexican Chocolate.

Peddler's Creamery is now officially parked on Main Street, but the bicycle-powered ice cream purveyor still highlights cycling in the store's design and logistics.

"I didn't want to do a traditional business," said owner Edward Belden last year. "I wanted to do something that's geared towards creating a sustainable world."

Owner Edward Belden opened this brick and mortar shop last week, but has been making ice cream for more than three years. Recently he's been selling it from the back of his bike at CicLAvia, the Hammer Museum's Bike Night and other popular events.

Belden created an ice cream system that uses the power of his pedal strokes to churn batches of the sweet treat. At his new shop, the bike is set up in the front room with a chain running through the wall to the back where it is connected to an ice cream churn.

This functional bike is also connected to a moving piece of artwork on the wall; a inter-connected collection of bike parts and chains that move in unison when Belden pedals the bike.

Although the ice cream-churning bicycle is tempting to ride, Belden said for now it's not for customers. To ensure a consistent product, he has to do the pedaling as moving too fast or too jerky could change the outcome of the product.

As of now, Belden says it takes about 20 minutes to make five gallons of ice cream.

Peddler's flavors range from basics like Banana and Strawberry, to creative combos including Strawberry Basil Sorbet and vegan Mexican Chocolate — a spicy ice cream that uses coconut milk to create a dairy-free dessert that's even more decadent than its cow milk-based cousins.

Belden said he uses organic, high-quality ingredients for his ice cream; getting his milk from a specific Northern California producer and sourcing as many ingredients as he can from California. This may be a large part of the reason a single scoop costs $3.50 and a double costs $6.50.

The store's simple set-up includes a chalkboard that lists the day's flavors and candy-colored wood panelling that decorates the outside of the ice cream-making hutch. Belden currently has eight employees and is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, with possible extended hours on weekend nights.

And churning your own ice cream may not be too far off: Belden said he may set up a system where customers can create and churn their own batch of ice cream to take home.

Peddler's Creamery is located at 458 S. Main Street


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