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Flickr via peppergrass

Wild West meets Downtown in new historic walking tour

By Hayley Fox — March 09, 2012

Mount up urban cowboys, there's a new walking tour in town. "How Los Angeles Invented The Wild West (and why no one knows it)" begins at The Last Bookstore and travels back in time to a Downtown frontier that preceded mining camps like Tombstone.

Andrew Lopez

A rare glimpse inside MOCA's permanent collection

By Andrew Lopez — March 08, 2012

A personal tour of MOCA on Grand Avenue revealed that about 95 percent of the museum's 6,000 works spend most of their time away from public view. So what are patrons missing out on?

Erich Richardson

LA Fashion Week unpacks its garment bags in DTLA

By Hayley Fox — March 05, 2012

It may not be New York Fashion Week but it's our fashion week, Los Angeles. And its arrived. Ten days of leggy models, up-and-coming designers and new style spilling onto Downtown's streets starts Thursday.

Flickr via bdesham

Lego my modern home: Embrace your inner architect in arts competition

By Hayley Fox — March 02, 2012

Dust off those Lego building blocks and start constructing your dream modern home for a competition put on by Dwell and Pacific Standard Time. The winning submission gets a cash prize, Ice cube poster and...more Legos!

Flickr via Breun

A standing ovation for arts education at the Bravo awards

By Hayley Fox — March 01, 2012

It's the Academy Awards for teachers and students tonight at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, where schools will be honored for their involvement in visual and performing arts.

Lili Bernard

'Free admission and free speech': Actor Roger Smith schools on black history

By Hayley Fox — February 29, 2012

Tonight at The Last Bookstore, Smith will use the book and vinyl archives of the Spring Street location to perform "The End of Black History Month" -- an improvisational show and conversation about African-American achievement.

Scott Ezzell

'A' is for Arts District: Hand-designed signs installed to identify DTLA neighborhood

By Hayley Fox — February 23, 2012 — 5 Comments

Downtown has art spilling onto the streets with a new public art project that includes the installation of 40 specially designed street markers throughout the Arts District. These aluminum "medallions" may be coming to a light pole near you.

Meredith Jenks and Michael Mendoza

'Jello' exhibit chronicles glitter-dusted years of LA polysexual dance party

By Hayley Fox — February 22, 2012

Pop Tart gallery hosts a retrospective on "A Club Called Rhonda," a L.A. underground dance club. The exhibit includes graphics and photos that depict the club's "epic evenings of glamour, debauchery and hope through the politics of dancing."

Andrew Lopez

LA Children celebrate 'Fat Tuesday' on Olvera Street

By Andrew Lopez — February 22, 2012

Nearly 200 students visited Downtown's Olvera Street for "Fat Tuesday" to dance, make masks and break a piñata. Organizers hope the celebration connects local kids to New Orleans culture but also to a bit of local history.

Michael Lamont

The pre-eminent Asian American theater troupe celebrates hula and sport

By Claire Pires — February 20, 2012

Known as “the nation’s pre-eminent Asian American theater troupe,” the East West Players offer a production of “Three Year Swim Club” that encompasses Hawaiian culture in an inspirational narrative.

Courtesy LA Opera

Plácido Domingo brings a grand 'Simon Boccanegra' to LA Opera

By Donna Perlmutter — February 15, 2012

It takes a celebrity singer to coax this Verdi opera to the stage. But once there, it overflows with glorious music -- everything from majestic to poignant and lyric.