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Arts District

By Eric Richardson — January 18, 2008 — 7 Comments

The debate over Industrial Land Use can be a tough one for the mere resident to unravel, delving deep into zoning and city documents. The infamous joint memo delivered...

Figueroa Courtyard

By Eric Richardson — January 16, 2008 — 6 Comments

Yesterday's story on UCLA Extension's move brought out a discussion on the Figueroa Courtyard and World Trade Center complexes. Several commenters derided the...

By Eric Richardson — January 15, 2008 — 1 Comment

The Valencia Group put out a press release today touting the restaurant they're prepping to open in the Union Lofts building at 8th and Hill. The rendering of...


By Ed Fuentes — January 14, 2008 — 8 Comments

Under the radar of many in the K9-Service-Watch is the full service pet grooming at Muttropolitan, who opened in Little Tokyo with no fan fare. Offerings range...

Civic Center Lake

By Eric Richardson — January 12, 2008 — 11 Comments

Downtown's green space will be expanding in the upcoming year, but it won't be the city's Parks and Rec doing the planning. With the upcoming 2009 U.S. budget unlikely...

4th/Hill APT

By Eric Richardson — January 11, 2008 — 4 Comments

New York City opened its first Automated Public Toilet yesterday in Madison Square Park. The city plans to open twenty of the units over the next two years. While...

Median Project at 9th/Main

By Eric Richardson — January 09, 2008 — 10 Comments

The southern tip of Gallery Row should soon look a whole lot friendlier. The city broke ground today on a four-month project to replace the asphalt median at 9th...

Angelus Plaza

By Eric Richardson — January 09, 2008 — 1 Comment

Opened as two phases in 1980 and 1981, Angelus Plaza's nearly 1100 units make it the largest Section 8 assisted project in the country. Now the development, which...

Pressure Wash

By Ed Fuentes — January 09, 2008 — 1 Comment

The project's not slated to open until early 2009, but the end of the year saw 756 S. Spring get a facelift as power washers removed decades of grime from the building...


By Eric Richardson — January 07, 2008 — 8 Comments

The proposed AMP Lofts at 695 Santa Fe has land, an award winning design and the favor of both Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilman Jose Huizar. What it doesn...

L'Angolo Cafe

By Eric Richardson — January 07, 2008 — 5 Comments

Stopping by for lunch on Friday I asked Hannah Kim how dinner was doing at L'Angolo Cafe, the restaurant she runs with her father at 9th and Main. She said that...