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By Eric Richardson — October 31, 2008

This morning saw the blogdowntown navigation bar grow, as four new sections made their debut on the site. History, Food & Nightlife, Politics and Opinion now...

Waiting for the Construction Lift

By Eric Richardson — October 29, 2008 — 2 Comments

Today's AISC event at L.A. Live offered fun facts about the construction of the project's hotel and condo tower, but for me the real star of the show was a chance...

Coliseum Lights

By Eric Richardson — October 27, 2008 — 3 Comments

While putting together some materials for verbdowntown today I ran across this quote from a post that ran on January 1, 2005:

I’m just a kid living in a big city...

the soldier

By Ed Fuentes — October 24, 2008

“The first casualty of war is truth,” says the Buffalo solider deep inside City Hall late Friday morning. “We thought if we fought, we could make a difference.”...

Changing Out the Radio

By Eric Richardson — October 24, 2008 — 12 Comments

Given the number of Downtowners whose professions don't provide a traditional office, it's no surprise that places offering WIFI are in high demand. Next week I...

Crack Gallery -- 204 W. 6th

By Eric Richardson — October 18, 2008 — 2 Comments

If you're looking for something fun on this Saturday night, Crack Gallery, which soft-opened last week, is having a Grand Opening Party tonight at 7pm. The store...


By Eric Richardson — October 16, 2008

Lloyd Hamrol's Uptown Rocker, a twenty-two year old art piece that sits on Bunker Hill's 4th street freeway at Lower Grand avenue, is getting some much needed attention...


By Eric Richardson — October 15, 2008 — 1 Comment

At 5th and Hill today, a crane resumed the process of lifting steel to the top of the 1924 Pershing Square building.

As Angelenic reported last month, the building...

head dress Ed Fuentes

When Holding a Colorful Broadway Parade, Please Invite Downtown

By Ed Fuentes — October 13, 2008 — 21 Comments

Downtowners may have mostly noticed the traffic impacts, but Sunday's Desfile de la Hispanidad en Los Angeles offered colorful sights on Broadway.

We would love...

110 Freeway Eric Richardson

Shooting "Near" Staples Highlights Downtown's Distinct Boundary

By Eric Richardson — October 13, 2008 — 16 Comments

"An 11-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man were fatally wounded Sunday evening a few blocks from Staples Center, victims of a drive-by shooting that police said may...

Times in Trees Eric Richardson

Buried in CS Monitor's Downtown Piece, Some Interesting Numbers

By Eric Richardson — October 10, 2008 — 6 Comments

Despite the revitalization of Downtown, has the neighborhood lost 200,000 jobs since 1999 and seen condo prices drop seventy percent? Those are the numbers running...