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Staged Lobby

By Eric Richardson — March 19, 2009 — 2 Comments

On Saturday morning the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation continues its "All About" series by paying a visit to the last built and most elaborate of Downtown...

Rendering of Lake at Chavez Ravine

By Eric Richardson — March 11, 2009 — 3 Comments

Even as the Dodgers played their first season in Los Angeles in 1958, a trio of lawsuits challenged the city's deal to give the team 315 acres in Chavez Ravine....

O'Connor Electroplating Plant Explosion Los Angeles Times / UCLA Library

Sixty-Two Years Ago: Downtown Factory Blast Killed 17, Injured 151

By Eric Richardson — February 20, 2009 — 6 Comments

At 9:45am on February 20, 1947, Downtown was rocked by a blast the L.A. Times called the worst in the city's history. The explosion leveled the O'Conner Electro...


By Eric Richardson — February 05, 2009 — 4 Comments

On Saturday, the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation hosts another stop in its "All About" series, inviting Downtowners and theatre fans to come learn about...

1922 Plan to Double-Deck Broadway Los Angeles Times, 8/6/1922

"Novel Plan" Would Have Double-Decked Broadway, Added Moving Sidewalk

By Eric Richardson — January 23, 2009 — 4 Comments

The answer to Broadway's 1922 traffic woes? A subway for streetcars, underground truck lanes and a pair of elevated moving walkways would have relieved congestion...

Hotel Figueroa as YWCA

By Eric Richardson — January 06, 2009 — 9 Comments

Did you know that the Hotel Figueroa was built in 1926 as a hotel for "business, traveling and professional women and their husbands and children"?

The 409-room...

126 Years Ago Today: Downtown Got Its First Electric Street Lights

By Eric Richardson — December 30, 2008

On December 30, 1882, at roughly 7:40pm, Mayor Homer Toberman threw the switch to send current to the first two arc lights installed by the Los Angeles Electric...

Hollywood Freeway Opens in 1951

By Eric Richardson — December 27, 2008 — 6 Comments

On December 27, 1950, civic leaders made their speeches and welcomed the first vehicles onto the Hollywood Freeway through Downtown. The first link of the highway...

Pershing Square Ice Skating 1952 Los Angeles Times, 12/12/1952

Tradition of Pershing Square Ice Skating Over Fifty Years Old

By Eric Richardson — December 15, 2008 — 2 Comments

While this year's Pershing Square rink is billed as the "11th Annual Downtown on Ice" the tradition of skating at the square actually dates back to 1952. In that...

4th Street Eric Richardson

Fifty-Five Years Ago Today: Plans for 4th Street 'Cut' Unveiled

By Eric Richardson — November 25, 2008 — 8 Comments

On November 25, 1953, city officials presented detailed plans for the viaduct-cut that would take 4th street over Figueroa and Flower and under Hope and Grand. ...

2008-11-14 08:54:26 -0800 Eric Richardson

Thirty Years Ago Today: Jewelry Exchange Opened Amid Local Industry Boom

By Eric Richardson — November 14, 2008 — 3 Comments

Hailed as the "largest retail jewelry exchange in the world," the New York Jewelers Exchange opened on November 14, 1978. For thirty years the Exchange has occupied...