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Dodger Trolley

Dodger Trolley

By Eric Richardson — March 12, 2009 — 22 Comments

When fans fill Dodger Stadium for the team's home opener on April 13, chances are minimal that they will be doing so via the Dodger Trolley. The city's efforts...

Dodger Trolley

By Eric Richardson — January 22, 2009 — 15 Comments

Funding for a 2009 version of the Dodger Trolley continues to be a contentious issue, with the team refusing to contribute funds even as it suggests service changes...

At the Stadium

By Eric Richardson — October 15, 2008 — 6 Comments

The city says that two months of service on the Dodger Trolley were a sucess -- so much so that the number of buses had to be almost doubled and costs rose from...

Media Time

By Eric Richardson — August 29, 2008 — 1 Comment

Just over one month ago, the Dodger Trolley kicked off service with a star-studded first run that included the Mayor and multiple city councilmembers. At launch...

Media Time

By Ed Fuentes and Eric Richardson — July 26, 2008 — 4 Comments

The new city-funded shuttle from Union Station to Dodger Stadium kicked off service last night with appearances by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilmembers...

Dodger Trolley

By Eric Richardson — July 24, 2008 — 9 Comments

The Dodger Trolley is set to make its first runs on Friday, as the team opens a homestand against the Washington Nationals. The free service will provide shuttles...

Dodger Parking Lots

By Eric Richardson — June 25, 2008 — 13 Comments

At the City Council's Transportation committee today, a representative from the Dodgers was clear on the organizations view that public transportation to the stadium...

Dodger Parking Lots

By Eric Richardson — June 22, 2008 — 14 Comments

The Times today includes a story saying that the city and the Dodgers have reached an agreement for providing transit into Dodger Stadium for the remainder of the...

Dodger Parking Lots

By Eric Richardson — February 28, 2008 — 32 Comments

In discussion before the City council's transportation committee yesterday, it seemed everyone in the room agreed: public transit to Dodger Stadium makes good sense...